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Dragon Quest - Team Errol

The IPD outpost was a small, insignificant dot in the distance, and the sun was in the center of the sky, currently serving as the main obstacle to their mission. Under a different set of circumstances, it might have caused him to remove some layers - possibly all of them - but nakedness was definitely tactically deficient with a constant dinosaur threat lurking about.

They were heading to the very center of dinosaur territory, and if the T-1000 was prone to using dramatic metaphors, he would have dubbed it the Heart of Darkness. Or something like that.

He had his sunglasses on (they were still cracked, but he found that he was beginning to like them better that way; it was symbolic of... something), and he felt like he should definitely have an object hanging out of his mouth to increase the badass factor - traditionally it was a role occupied by a cigarette, but he didn't smoke, so he found himself chewing on a toothpick he'd found in the kitchen instead.

It was one of the best groups of people he could think of to be stuck with in his least favorite area on the island. Even Dean, who had been questionable at first (most humans were questionable at first), obviously wasn't all that bad; he had given the T-1000 a gun, after all.

The objective was simple: Find a dragon. Make Mrs. Vimes happy. Hopefully eliminate a few highly bothersome lizards along the way.

It could shape up to be the perfect day.

He was confident they would find a dragon, and it was the kind of confidence that defied all rational thought. Otherwise, he would've started to doubt things, and doubt was not a parameter he required at the present moment.

"For the record, I still hate goddamned lizards."

They hadn't encountered any yet, but judging by his previous experience, he doubted it would last long.

He glanced back at his team, reaching into his pocket.

"Who wants a lollipop?"

[Threading order is Reese-Angua-Dean-Austin]
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